Nothing is more fundamental to the vitality of the work environment than having healthy employees. Make sure your office implements the following steps to improve the health quality of your workplace and of the individuals who spend time there.

  • Soap & hand sanitizer. The best policy is to wash hands frequently, but alcohol-based hand sanitizers will do the job when convenience is a priority.
  • Sanitation wipes. Doorknobs, keyboards, phones, and other frequently-used objects pick up a lot of germs. Periodically wiping them down helps reduce the spread of illness.
  • Physical activity. Having a sendentary lifestyle has increasingly been shown as being a predictor for disease and premature death. Thankfully, workers can counteract the effects by taking short breaks to stretch their legs and walk around.
  • Good posture. Your back might not hurt now when you slump, but years of bad posture at the desk can have longterm repercussions. Make sure your monitor is at eyesight level, your knees are bent at right angles, and your back is properly supported. You can read more tips here.