A: Green cleaning is effective cleaning that protects health without harming the environment. Green cleaning is about more than just green chemicals. Gale Supply Co. will evaluate your green cleaning requirements and suggest a program best for you.

A: Gale Supply Co. offers several options of low environmental impact cleaning products and continues to provide businesses with the latest solutions. In addition to recommending products, Gale Supply Co. extends its commitment to environmental sustainability by offering recycling services free to customers. Pick up service includes; paper, cardboard, toners and electronics. Battery recycling is also available with a nominal fee.

A: It depends on the product. Cleaning chemicals are safer for human use and have a more favorable environmental profile than a “traditional” product. It will be formulated without ingredients that have been demonstrated to have a negative impact on human health and the environment. Disposable paper products and trash bags will contain a recommended amount of post consumer recycled content, or be made from more rapidly renewable materials. Cleaning equipment will contribute to better indoor air quality or use less water.

A: Gale Supply Co. offers certified products in several different categories. Some examples of third party certifications include EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for post consumer recycled content paper products and trash liners, Green Seal and EcoLogo certification for cleaning chemicals, and Carpet & Rug Institute Green Label certification for vacuum cleaners.

A: Gale Supply Co. offers the support of a dedicated sales consultant, who is supported by sales management, facility and breakroom specialists and manufacturers’ vendor representatives.

A: Contact us for a Green Cleaning Site Survey conducted by a Gale Supply Co. Specialist who can evaluate and recommend the best possible green cleaning solutions for you.

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